Our process

Our service is not only limited to Melbourne area. We can serve wherever your are.

We have many happy customers in different cities and overseas.


Nesso Digital informs you and listen to your feedback at every stage. Here is one example process for Web design project.

1. Call or email us with your project detail.

Let us know what is your needs and expectation from your website. We may also ask more questions to understand your needs clearly.

2. Confirm to proceed

We send you statement of work and quotation. If you are happy with it, send us a deposit payment to begin your website work.

3. Preparation

We draw a sitemap which gives you a big picture of menu and page structure. You can also update or change it at this stage.

4. Design

According to the information from you, we create 2~3 mock up designs to deliver perfect look and feel for your website.

5. Design revisions

You email us list of changes or modification needed to be revised from our first mock up design.

6. Development

We start developing your website with new revised design once we received all page content from you.

7. Preview

Your site has almost done and we send a private URL of your website preview to you.

8. Content revisions

You check all page content and email us list of required changes or with replacement images.

9. Approval to go online

When you are happy with your website, you let us know to make your website online.

10. Go online

Your website is now online and we give you a manual (or training if applicable).


Tell us your needs we will send you a quotation. No obligation!


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