Choose your hosting type and location.

Shared Web Hosting
Pros: Cheap.
Cons: Slow(Sharing server resource with others), less secure.
Recommended for: Personal, small business website (Non eCommerce) or website with less visitors

Managed Virtual Private Server
It needs proper setup. It requires regular maintenance.
Pros: Fast(Dedicated resource such as memory, HDD, etc)
Recommended for : eCommerce, high traffic website or anyone who wants secure website.


US (West): Fastest to America. Fast to Australia/NZ and Asia
US (East): Fastest to America. Faster to Europe (Slow to Asia and Australia)
SG: Faster to South Asia and Australia/NZ
JP: Faster to East Asia.  Fast to Australia/NZ
AU: Fastest to Australia/NZ
Example to choose location.
If your target audience is mainly in Australia, AU location is the best.
If your target audience is half in Australia and rest of world, SG is the best choice.

Shared Web Hosting ($20/m)
US : Monthly Traffic : 1,000G
AU:  Monthly Traffic : 50G
JP: Monthly Traffic : 100G

+$10/m for double traffic
Uptime : 99.5%

Managed Virtual Private Server ($80/m)
US :  2,000G
AU :  250G
SG :  1,000G
JP :  Unlimited
Uptime: 99.99%

What we manage?
All plans come with daily site backup, CMS update, template update, system upgrade (if applicable)


We can also setup multiple servers with latency based routing.
For example, you set up three servers in Aus, JP, US(East).

Client in Europe will see your website from US(East) server. One in East Asia will access to JP server. Aus client to Aus server. This will make everyone can access your website without waiting.